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Tony V. Sawyer, Consulting Hydrogeologist, PG 4345, CHg 40, CEG 1392


Downloadable resume of Tony V. Sawyer (pdf file)


A diverse background in hydrogeology, geophysics and hazardous materials.  Experienced with both geophysical and groundwater hydrology methods and their applications to groundwater resource studies and hazardous materials investigations and remediation.  Responsible for a wide variety of projects including groundwater and geophysical exploration projects, dewatering projects, contaminated soil and groundwater projects, and expert testimony. Representative project experience includes:


·        Providing expert witness testimony on behalf of the State Attorney General regarding the standard of care for geophysical investigations related to groundwater.  Testimony critical in winning two Appellate Court rulings for the Board for Geologists and Geophysicists.


·        Providing expert witness testimony regarding the standard of care for hydrogeologic investigations in fractured rock terrane.


·        Providing expert witness testimony regarding drainage modifications and surface and subsurface transport of contamination in fractured crystalline rock terrane in Ramona, California.


·         Providing expert witness consultation and review for landslide litigation in Laguna Niguel, California.


·        Investigation and modelling of multi‑phase and multi‑source contamination in a highly industrialized area of Huntington Park, California.  Performing as an expert witness in Superior Court regarding the source of the contamination.


·        Performing hydrogeologic resource investigations on commercial and residential developments, several exceeding 2000 acres to fulfill the requirements of the Groundwater Ordinance of San Diego County.  Groundwater resources were limited by the fractured crystalline rock terrane and low rainfall in San Diego County.


·        Designing the Basewide Groundwater Monitoring Program for March Air Force Base.  Project included delineation of groundwater basins, analysis of migration potential of numerous organic, inorganic, and metallic compounds through alluvial and fractured crystalline rock terrane toward municipal water supplies and the adequacy of ongoing and proposed remedial measures.


·        Performing fracture pattern analyses in crystalline rock terrane to evaluate the probable migration pathways of contaminants from a site and to select new well locations for investigations, remediation programs, or production wells.


·        Evaluating effects of surface application and subsurface injection of treated sewage on regional groundwater for the military and sanitation districts.  Locations have included shallow alluvial basins overlying sedimentary and fractured crystalline rock formations.


·         Preparation of the new groundwater production well testing requirements for the County of Riverside, California.


·        Performing computer simulation studies of contamination transport, degradation and impacts on municipal water supplies.  Localities have included alluvial basins overlying fractured crystalline rock.


·        Third party review of groundwater modelling of potential impacts to groundwater from a proposed golf course resort development for the County of Riverside.


·        Preparing plans and specifications for a vadose zone and groundwater monitoring system in preparation for closure of a municipal landfill in San Diego County.


·        Preparation of a Focused Groundwater Environmental Impact Report evaluating the long‑term potential for groundwater degradation from saltwater intrusion due to proposed pumping in the Ocotillo area of Imperial Valley.


·        Executing over 100 surface geophysical surveys in order to evaluate subsurface geologic and hydrogeologic conditions in shallow alluvial basins and fractured crystalline rock terrane.


·        Fate and transport analyses of petroleum contamination from underground storage tanks and the potential impact of different remediation methodologies on potable groundwater supplies along the San Diego River in Lakeside, California.  This included testimony before the Regional Water Quality Control Board to successfully rescind a Cleanup and Abatement Order.


·        Designing and installing groundwater and vadose zone monitoring systems for cyanide heap‑leach gold mining operations in fractured rock terrane.


·        Evaluating remote sensing data and performing on‑site hydrogeologic resource evaluation and testing for American manufacturing facilities located in fractured crystalline rock terrane in Mexico.


·        Managing a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study of a Petroleum, Oil and Liquid storage facility at Minot Air Force Base.


·        Performing over 80 subsurface investigations for hydrocarbon, solvent, heavy metal and PCB contamination of soil and groundwater.  Designing and supervising remediation measures for hydrocarbon and solvent contaminated soil and groundwater.


·        Fate and transport analysis of metals and organic compounds from a landfill in the Century City area of Los Angeles County.


·        Multiple‑contaminant transport modelling for a DHS Superfund site in the Agua Dulce area of Los Angeles County in alluvial and fractured crystalline rock terrane.



Geologist                            P.G. 22591          Arizona          initial license 11/10/88           expires 7/16

Geologist                            P.G. 4345           California       initial license  8/31/87            expires 5/16

Engineering Geologist        C.E.G. 1392          California       initial license  4/13/88            expires 5/16

Hydrogeologist                  C.H.G. 0040          California       initial license  7/12/95            expires 5/16


Member of the Enforcement Oversight Committee to the California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists, 2007 to 2009.

Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee to the California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists, 2002 to 2006.

Vice-Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee to the California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists, 2000-2002.

Designated a Subject Matter Expert in Hydrogeology by the California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists in 1998.



Chairman of the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, Site Assessment and Mitigation (SAM) Technical Committee on Soil Vapor Sampling Methodologies, 2000 to 2002.

President of the Southern California Chapter of the California Groundwater Association, 1997 to 1999.

Served on both the Standards and Certification Committees of the California Groundwater Association, 1997 to 1999.

Served on the SAM Technical Committee on Vapor Phase Migration, 1996 to 1997.

Chairman of the SAM Technical Committee on Soil Sampling Methodologies, 1994 to 1996.

Served on the SAM Technical Committee on Well Design and Construction, 1992 to 1994.

President of the San Diego Chapter of the Hazardous Waste Association of California, 1988 to 1992.



San Diego State University B.S., Geophysics, 1981, Thesis ‑ "Determination of Fracture Porosity in Crystalline Rock Using Electrical Resistivity and Seismic Refraction Methods in the San Marcos Area of San Diego County".

San Diego State University Post-graduate Studies, Hydrogeology, 1981 - 1990


Short Courses:

                    40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Training

                    Corrective Action for Containing and Controlling Ground Water Contamination

                    Underground Storage Tank Management

                    How to Monitor and Sample the Vadose Zone

                    Aquifer Remediation Using In Situ Bioreclamation

                    Theory and Application of Vadose Zone Monitoring and Sampling

                    Risk Assessment for the Ground Water Scientist

                    Radon in Structures: Investigation and Mitigation

                    Principles of Subsurface Fate and Transport Modelling

                    Vadose Zone Monitoring and Remediation Techniques




2000 to Present      Hydrogeologist, County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health, Land and Water Quality Division, Site Assessment and Mitigation Program

1991 to Present      Principal Hydrogeologist, Tony V. Sawyer, Consulting Hydrogeologist

1990 to 1991          Manager of Environmental Services, San Diego Office of Kleinfelder, Inc.

1989 to 1990          Senior Hydrogeologist and Manager of Geosciences and Field Services Group, San

                               Diego Office of Kleinfelder, Inc.

1988 to 1989          Project Hydrogeologist, Woodward‑Clyde Consultants, Inc, San Diego, CA.

1984 to 1988          Project Hydrogeologist, Geotechnical Exploration, Inc., San Diego, CA.

1981 to 1984          Staff Geophysicist, Geotechnical Exploration, Inc., San Diego, CA.

1981                      Staff Hydrogeologist, Advance Planning & Research, San Diego, CA.


Downloadable resume of Tony V. Sawyer (pdf file)


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