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Tony V. Sawyer, Consulting Hydrogeologist, PG 4345, CHg 40, CEG 1392



Groundwater conditions can cause delays in site development.  The impacts of unforeseen springs or flow conditions can cause serious long-term impacts to slopes and structures.  Whether it is due to the need to perform dewatering during construction or to deal with stormwater discharge from streets and hardscape, a reliable understanding of the subsurface geology and hydrogeology is critical.  I Prove support services for the geotechnical industry, who often don't have sufficient experience or qualified staff to handle the complex hydrogeological aspects of certain projects.

Key Benefits

bullet Accuracy
bullet Cost-effective
bullet Fast response


Groundwater chemistry

(1)  Source of groundwater

(2)  Age of groundwater

(3)  Potability

(4)  Other environmental factors

Construction dewatering

(1)  Dewatering well network design and optimization

(2)  Production well design

(3)  Aquifer testing

(4)  Computer modelling

Groundwater-induced landslides

(1)  Permeability testing

(2)  Infiltration analyses

(3)  Evapotranspiration analyses

(4)  Groundwater mounding

(5)  Computer modelling

Artificial Recharge

(1)  Permeability testing

(2)  Infiltration basin analyses

(3)  Evapotranspiration analyses

(4)  Groundwater mounding

(5)  Water quality protection

(6)  Computer modelling




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